Event Catering Tips

If you are challenged with hosting a big event, then you’re probably in dire need of some event catering tips that will make the job easier and less stressful. If you are also doing the catering, you’ll have an added burden of trying to figure out menus, what foods to buy and the quantities needed for a number of guests you are having. Not only that, but you’ll need to coordinate, the cooking, preparation, and serving of the food! Even if you’re hiring a catering service, all that coordinating and decision-making can be a lot.

One of the best tips that anyone can give you is to get organized. You’ll want a list of the people you are inviting so that you can get an accurate head count. Also, find out if anyone has particular food allergies or if there are vegetarians on the list. Next, decide on the style of the event and, from there, you’ll be able to narrow down the food that you will be serving. A wedding will call for some type of meal be it served at the table or buffet, but a graduation or anniversary party could work just as well with an outdoor barbeque.

Another of the important event catering tips is around the décor.At the very least, you’ll need tablecloths, serving utensils, dinnerware, glasses, napkins, food warmers etc.. If you really want to put on a festive air, you might also consider, candelabras, flowers and other décor like balloons and crepe paper. If you have hired a catering service, they will probably take care of most of the food related items for you and you will only have to worry about decorating the area to suit the occasion.

Whether you were doing it all yourself or hiring a caterer you will need to plan many months in advance. The better event catering services might even be booked a year in advance so the sooner you know about your party the better. Even if you aren’t hiring someone, you’ll need to consider hiring help or lining up some friends and relatives to help you cook and serve on the big day.

The key to making your catered event a success is proper planning and having a timeline where you can easily see the tasks that need to get done is a great tip that you’ll really want to put to use. Try getting a calendar and start at least a month in advance – write down everything that needs to be done each day right up until the event and then you can check them off as you go – this eliminates a lot of stress and is a great way to ensure things don’t get left out. For example, you’ll want to add in when to send the invitations, when to buy the food, when to get the decorations etc.. You can even add in which dishes you can prepare before hand and freeze for the event.

Planning and catering a big event can be stressful, but these event catering tips can help take some of the stress out of your event and ensure that it will be a huge success!



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