Should You Use Cheap Catering?

If you are hosting an event of any sort, be it a wedding, a family reunion or a work event then you are probably trying to work within a budget and one of your biggest expense is catering. But will going with cheap catering ruin your entire event?

Not necessarily. The thing is that most caterers will be happy to work with you if you give them a reasonable budget. Now, of course, you can’t expect them to work miracles – you have to be reasonable with what you want to pay. But the first thing you need to his check with a few caterers to get their prices on different types of meals.

One thing you might consider is opting for chicken instead of roast beef. Or perhaps, you could have cheese and crackers instead of fancy appetizers. Cutting back on little things will allow you to have a professional caterer that is within your budget.

Cheap catering doesn’t have to necessarily mean cheap eats either. You can find out what you can do to help reduce the cost of what the caterer will charge. This could be anything from making appetizers and desserts yourself to supplying some of the things that the caterer would normally supply. This way you can have top quality food but still remain within your budget.

One thing you want to do is make sure that you hone your guest list to perfection. Caterers usually charge by the guest so if you can cut off a few of those extra people that don’t really need to be invited then you’ll save some money. Maybe it isn’t necessary to invite your second cousin’s mother-in-law to your daughter’s wedding after all?

Another thing you can do is look for cheap catering company whose prices are low, not because they do an inferior job, but because they are just starting out and need to build up a clientele. Sometimes you can get a real bargain with the caterer who is absolutely superb but just hasn’t built up their business yet. It pays to do your legwork to ferret out these startups as having a good caterer can ensure that your event comes off without a hitch.

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