What Is A Catering Service?

By definition, o cater is to provide what is wanted. The word catering is usually used and generally associated with food. It is the process of providing food and drinks for a social or business function.

How do you start a catering service business?

– To start a catering service business one should have a vision and drive. Catering service is a lucrative yet tedious business. If you don’t have the patience to cook for a large number of people, if you have the patience to accommodate what they need and if you don’t have the patience to impart what your ideas to make the party better and grander than you don’t earn the right to be a caterer.

Aside from your skills in the kitchen; you also need to a cunning mind in finance and in the other aspects of a business. Yes, the food is what you’re selling here but you or your staff also need to have at least competent skills in marketing, advertising and managerial facets of the business.

How can you choose the right catering service?

– Now that you have the answer to “What is a catering service”, you need to know how to choose one. A good recommendation from a family member of a friend is one way to acquiring a great catering service for your party. However, if you and your family don’t have anyone particular in mind, you can search the local yellow pages or the online listing for caterers that are near your area. When you talk to the caterer, you need to have all the information he/she needs so that both of you can estimate the cost of the service. Some of this information and ideas are the number of guests, the number of courses and the location of the party.

So, to answer the question of “What Is A Catering Service?” simply – it is a service that you hire to serve food at any type of event be it large or small.

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